Son Heung-min’s first confrontation with AC Milan… Tottenham ‘midfield collapse’ variable

Son Heung-min faces AC Milan in the first Champions League tournament. Attention is focusing on whether Tottenham’s strikers, including Son Heung-min, will be able to win the away game while midfielders such as Bentancur and Hoivier are absent all at once. This is reporter Kim Jong-seong.


Tottenham’s manager Conte, who advanced to the Champions League tournament on the ‘dream stage’ after three years.

Instead of excitement ahead of the first leg of the round of 16 against AC Milan, Italy’s arch-rival, I was full of anxiety.

<Antonio Conte/Tottenham manager>

“We’re out of luck. Four serious injuries came out in a week.”

Starting goalkeeper Lloris injured his knee and wingback Sessegnon injured his leg muscles, while starting midfielder Bentancourt was unable to play the rest of the season due to knee surgery, and back-up agent Bisuma also left due to ankle surgery.

To make matters worse, Tottenham’s midfield virtually collapsed as Hoivier, the ‘keeper of the midfield’, failed to appear in the game due to accumulated warnings.

In a situation where it is difficult to expect a quality pass, Tottenham has no choice but to cling to the individual skills of the Son Heung-min and Kane combination at the forefront.

It is encouraging that their opponent AC Milan is suffering from serious defensive anxiety, conceding 12 goals in the last 5 league games. 슬롯사이트

By reviewing the scoring scenes of Lazio and Sassuolo in Serie A, where he scored 4 and 5 goals against AC Milan, you can get a hint on how Son Heung-min should move.

Son Heung-min, who is facing AC Milan for the first time in the European stage, will rise to the 20th goal of the Champions League with just one more goal.

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