special treatment? ticket seller? Auckland, Fujinami Uniform Day from Opening Series 

 The Oakland Athletics are eager for ‘Fujinami Marketing’.

Oakland held a ceremony for Japanese pitcher Shintaro Fujinami to join the team on the 18th (Korean time). It was a ceremony held four days after signing a one-year, $3.25 million contract on the 14th. In addition to the guaranteed amount, it is known that options up to $ 1.55 million are at stake.

On the 18th (Korean time) at the office of the Oakland, California, USA team, Fujinami said, “I am Shintaro Fujinami. Most of all, I am grateful to my parents. I could not have come here without their support. The Oakland club showed interest in me. And thank you to Agent (Scott) Boras. Let’s go, Auckland,” he greeted in English.

Auckland praised Fujinami’s greeting, saying it was “beautiful English,” and Fujinami’s agent, Scott Boras, responded to Fujinami’s request to “call me the ‘Fuji’ of ‘Mt. I feel like I’ve let go,” he said with satisfaction. 온라인카지노

Auckland announced an event on the club’s official social media as soon as the initiation ceremony was over on the 18th. It is the fact that the ‘Fujinami Uniform Day’ will be held in the opening series against the Los Angeles Angels on April 2nd. If you buy a ticket on this day for $20, you will receive a replica with Fujinami’s name ‘Shintaro’ engraved in Japanese as a gift.

You can only receive a replica if you purchase it by 7:00 am on the 20th. Auckland posted “Last Call” on social media on the 19th, one day after the event was announced. and promoted the event once again. With the confrontation between Shohei Otani (Angels) and Fujinami attracting attention, it is aggressive marketing from the first series.

Views on this are mixed. There are fans who want to have a replica with Fujinami’s name engraved on it, but the majority of fans said in the event notice, “Why do I have to buy a uniform since he only played for one year?” Commented.

Japanese fans also expressed dissatisfaction with Auckland’s ‘Fujinami Marketing’, saying, “I’m surprised that the Chinese character font called Shintaro is too old-fashioned” and “I can’t buy a uniform because there is no space to write down a Japanese phone number.”

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