STL Korean prospect Cho Won-bin, ‘Burning’ in May… Overcoming sluggishness in April, OPS 0.873

Cho Won-bin (19), who plays for Palm Beach, a single A team under the St. Louis Cardinals of the US Major League (MLB), succeeded in a perfect rebound in May.

Outfielder Cho Won-bin has recorded a batting average of 0.354 and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.873 with 17 hits in 48 at-bats, 10 RBIs and 7 steals this month until today (21st). He completely wiped out the sluggish performance of 8 hits in 54 at-bats in April with a batting average of 0.148 and an OPS of 0.622.

Accordingly, Cho Won-bin’s season performance also increased to 0.245 batting average and 0.740 OPS with 25 hits in 102 at-bats, 2 homers, 16 RBIs and 13 steals.

Cho Won-bin received good reviews in terms of power, contact, and running, and signed an international contract ($500,000) with St. Louis in January of last year.

He has an 86.7% success rate as he steals 15 times and makes 13 of them. In particular, he attempted to steal seven times in May, all of which were successful.

Cho Won-bin, a graduate of Seoul Convention High School, participated in the 2020 Power Showcase for baseball prospects in 2020 and took first place in the Home Run Derby under the age of 17, drawing attention from MLB and going directly to the United States instead of participating in the domestic draft.

He posted a batting average of 0.211 and OPS of 0.716 in the rookie league last year, but he is showing better form after moving up to Single-A.

In particular, he has kept his on-base percentage (0.358) more than 10% higher than his batting average by picking up 17 walks while striking out 25 this season. Last year, the on-base percentage was 0.400, nearly 20% higher than the batting average.안전놀이터

Currently, on the same team, Cho Won-bin is showing the 6th best OPS record, and the 1st to 4th places are players who are 3 to 5 years older than Cho Won-bin. The only peer with better grades than Jo Won-bin is catcher Leonardo Bernal (0.796), the team’s 10th-best prospect.

Cho Won-bin, who is currently the team’s 21st prospect according to the MLB pipeline, is expected to make his big league debut around 2026 if he grows as expected.

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