Suwon Pine Eggs participates in the 2023 Independent Baseball Gyeonggi-do League

Suwon Pine Eggs, the first independent baseball team in Suwon Special City, will participate in the ‘2023 Independent Baseball Team Gyeonggi-do League’.

According to the Gyeonggi-do Baseball Softball Association and the Suwon City Baseball Softball Association on the 23rd, it was decided to participate in the 2023 independent baseball team Gyeonggi-do League, which will begin on March 21st, with Yeoncheon Miracle, Seongnam Magpies, Gapyeong Wales, and Goyang. It is operated by seven clubs, including Winners, Paju Challengers, and Fortune Monster.

Gyeonggi-do and the Doya-gu Softball Association reported on the 23rd that as two independent baseball teams were established in Suwon-si, they earnestly requested to participate in the Gyeonggi-do league this season, and after the public offering was made through the form of additional recruitment of participating teams, the additional participation of Suwon Pine Eggs was decided. .

On the other hand, Suwon Dreams, led by general manager Kim Sa-yul (former Paju Challengers coach), who initially showed rapid steps with the goal of participating this season with Suwon Pine Eggs, failed to participate in the league for this 2023 season because they did not submit the application documents.

Meanwhile, Pine Eggs, the first independent baseball team in Suwon City, founded on December 26 of last year under the leadership of the Suwon City Baseball Softball Association according to the pledge of Suwon Mayor Lee Jae-joon, prepares for a full-fledged debut as KBO technical director Beom-hyun Cho, the founding director of professional baseball KT Wiz. there is. 메이저놀이터

Pine Eggs has a coaching staff of coach Beom-hyun Cho and 2 coaches, and 20 players have been training for nearly two months at Tapdong Baseball Stadium and physical training since January. In the future, it is said that they plan to recruit about 10 people, including military veterans, through open recruitment.

Kwak Yeong-bung, head of the Suwon City Baseball Softball Association, said, “It is a new feeling for the players and the club as it was difficult to found a team and participate in the independent baseball team’s Gyeonggi-do league.” I will actively help by focusing on the process rather than obsessing over the result so that I can unfold the future.”

The 2023 Independent Baseball Team Gyeonggi-do League plans to confirm and notify the future league operation direction and game schedule through an independent baseball team management meeting scheduled for the 28th.

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