Suwon proclaimed ‘Leading Soccer’…is it possible?

The keyword that Suwon has put forward this season is ‘leading football’.

On the 27th, Suwon Samsung held a press conference for the 2023 K-League Winter Battery Training Media Camp at Shilla Stay Jeju, located in Jeju City. Head coach Lee Byeong-geun and Suwon players attended and revealed their preparations for the season and their aspirations.

Suwon, a team representing the K-League, recently suffered a crack in its reputation. Final B has become a more familiar team than Final A. Last season, they were pushed to the brink of relegation. Despite the change of saying goodbye to manager Park Gun-ha and bringing in manager Lee Byung-geun, the team finished the regular season in 10th place. I met FC Anyang, who came up after the playoffs in the K-League 2 under the changed rules. He barely caught Anyang and succeeded in staying.

Head coach Lee Byung-geun, who prepared for the season with the mindset of self-confidence, promised a changed Suwon and said at a press conference, “It is to run a game that I want to play soccer this year. “It is also our goal to minimize the defensive stamina while blocking the opponent’s strengths. We plan to play football while digging into the opponent’s weaknesses by bringing the coordination of the game to us.”

‘Leading football’, as is commonly known, does not mean only taking overwhelmingly more shares than the opponent. As coach Lee Byung-geun mentioned, it means the method of completely suppressing the opponent’s strengths and bringing the flow from beginning to end, then pushing forward with certain strengths to score and win. This also applies to raising the line and playing active soccer. A good example is the soccer coach Paulo Bento showed at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. 메이저놀이터

Director Bento was able to achieve results because he prepared well for a long time. For four years, he picked out players who could play his football well and implanted his philosophy through many training sessions and matches. All members of the national team fully understood Bento’s football and were able to achieve successful results in the finals by following his steps well. In other words, Suwon also needs to be well-prepared to play leading soccer, have a good balance of offense and defense in a clear direction, and have good organization.

Considering coach Lee Byeong-geun’s propensity for counter-attacking and pattern play-oriented tactics, the ‘leading football declaration’ sounds like a bold challenge. Along with coach Juninyo, who was well-received by the Pohang Steelers, coach Yang Sang-min and Oh Jang-in are working hard to help coach Lee Byeong-geun, who is trying to create the overall game. It is known that the confidence within the team is high because of the high satisfaction with his training itself.

The most important thing in led football is the players who unwind the game, so joining Kim Bo-kyung and Basani was even more encouraging. Kim Kyung-joong and Acosti, who will add vitality to the side, were also recruited. With Ahn Byeong-joon in charge of scoring, and a replacement for Oh Hyeon-gyu, it is expected that competitiveness will be secured at the forefront. The stability of the midfield and defense has become more important. The midfield with Koh Seung-beom, Han Seok-jong, and Lee Jong-seong looks strong, but the defense without special recruits seems unstable so far.

In recent seasons, Suwon fans have repeatedly been disappointed. As in the past, the aspect of a strong team disappeared and they mainly played soccer that was dragged. It’s the worst situation to the point of being pushed to the brink of relegation. The key question is whether coach Lee Byeong-geun’s soccer, which has been brought out to overcome all of this, will be the solution. From the beginning of the season, it will be possible to maintain the direction set forth by producing tangible results in terms of performance and performance.

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