Suwon, the ‘last place that doesn’t look like the last’ praised by the No. 1 FW… If only ‘goal’ explodes

Suwon’s current ranking is 12th, the lowest. With 2 draws and 4 losses (2 points) without a win, they were one point behind Gangwon (3 draws and 3 losses), which also had no wins.

However, there are many evaluations that the performance is not the last. The process of advancing to the attacking camp is smooth, but after that, it is regrettable that the shooting accuracy leading to the goal is greatly reduced. 

According to data released by the Korea Professional Football Federation on the 11th as a weekly briefing, four Suwon players ranked in the top 5 in the packing index in the final third (the uppermost offensive zone when the stadium is divided into three zones). 안전놀이터

The packing index is a concept devised by German soccer players Stefan Reinartz and Jens Hegeler in 2014, and is an index that can determine how many players a player has beaten by passing or dribbling. 

Lee Gi-je, Acosti, Lee Jong-seong, and Ko Seung-beom took 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th places, respectively. It is an indicator that allows you to see how many Suwon players have passed the opponent’s defenders in the opponent’s attacking area. 

In fact, Suwon made 504 passes in the attack area until the 6th round, the third most passes after Ulsan (527 times) and Incheon (519 times), and is one of the three teams to exceed 500 passes. 

The forward pass is also 966 times, the second most after Pohang (983 times), and one of the 4 teams (Ulsan-944 times / Incheon 932 times) that exceeded 900 times. The key pass is 1st overall among 12 teams with 33 times. Along with Incheon (32 times), it is one of the two teams that have exceeded 30 times. 

If you move forward, you must finish. The ability to ‘rush’ is excellent, so Suwon’s team shooting is also the 1st overall with 86 times. It is the only club with more than 80 shots. 

The problem is that the number of effective shots drastically decreases.

Suwon’s effective shooting is tied for 4th place with Daejeon with 29 circuits. Ulsan, the league leader, showed an effective shooting conversion rate of nearly half with 31 effective shots compared to 68 shots. The total number of shots in Daejeon, which has the same number of effective shots as Suwon, is 61, which is 11th in the league. 

Suwon’s scoring ranking is further down. Currently, with 5 goals, they are tied for 9th place with Incheon. The scoring conversion rate against all shots is only 6%. 

However, Suwon’s expected goal (xG) value is not low. The xG value of Suwon in all 6 games was 7.58, ranking 4th overall. Normally, they should have scored 7-8 goals, but Suwon only scored 5 goals, much less than this.

The goal is not scored as much as expected, so in the end, the defensive concentration is also disturbed, and there are cases where the 90 minutes are spent in despair. Suwon is 4th with 10 goals in 6 matches.

Ulsan striker Rubikson, who scored two goals against Suwon on the 8th, praised the opposing team, saying, “It’s not the bottom team, but it’s the bottom.”

It means that a rebound is possible at any time as long as a goal is scored. There are too many seasons left to blame striker Oh Hyeon-kyu, who suddenly transferred to Celtic. Ahn Byung-jun and Mulich, who have returned from injury, are desperately in need of a revival of ‘9’ strikers. 

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