Team ‘Bellingham’ that gives a ransom of 100 million pounds in advance, has a stone door ‘Jackpot’

 German Dortmund striker Jude Bellingham (20)’s ransom is soaring to 130 million pounds (about 198.1 billion won). While many teams want to sign Bellingham, there is a prerequisite. It is ‘prepaid’.

On the 8th (hereinafter Korean time), the British popular newspaper The Sun reported, “If you want to sign a contract with Bellingham this summer, you will have to pay 100 million pounds (approximately 152.3 billion won) in advance.”

Currently, the teams that want Bellingham are Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool and Real Madrid 메이저놀이터. Dortmund are stressing that if they want to take Bellingham they will have to pay his ransom once and for all. Usually, when an astronomical transfer fee occurs, it is paid in installments. However, Dortmund prefer a team that pays the Bellingham transfer fee in advance.

If Bellingham transfers, ‘parent’ Birmingham City will also benefit. As part of the agreed upon contract signed for £22 million two years ago, it is now possible to collect 5% of the transfer fee.

Among the clubs that want Bellingham most strongly, Real Madrid and Man City are leading the way.

Man City have only six months left on Ilkai Kwon Do-gan’s contract, and if Bernardo Silva leaves at the end of the season, he could collect a transfer fee of £75 million. It can be added to the Bellingham transfer fee.

However, Real Madrid has plenty of rivals for Bellingham. Luka Modric, Aurelien Chuameni, Eduardo Camavinga and Federico Valverde have super-luxurious midfielders.

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