The 57th Super Bowl viewership is 3rd all time… 1st and 2nd place is ‘Brady’s Super Bowl’

The viewer ratings for the Super Bowl in the National Football League (NFL) final held on the 13th (Korean time) were counted as the third highest in history. 바카라사이트

On the 15th, the Associated Press reported, “According to Nielsen, the number of viewers of the 57th Super Bowl was 113.1 million, the third highest ever.” In this year’s Super Bowl, the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 to rise to the top. Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes was named Super Bowl MVP for the second time after 2019. Mahomes is the regular league MVP this season. This is the era of Mahomes, but the modifier of the best quarterback of all time is attached to the retired Tom Brady.

Brady is also ahead of TV viewer ratings. The best Super Bowl ever was 2015, when Brady’s New England Patriots faced the Seattle Seahawks, with 114.44 million viewers. The second place was 2017, when New England, also led by Brady, faced off with the Atlanta Falcons, with 113.66 million.

Meanwhile, pop star Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime was watched by 118.7 million people. The halftime viewership rating is the second highest ever. Number one is Katy Perry’s 121 million in 2015.

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