The Best Analytical Tools for Online Gaming Websites

Gambling nowadays is recognized not only for profit but also as a leisure activity. It has come to the point wherein more and more individuals engage with this mode of entertainment. Aside from the exciting games that 메이저사이트 are offered from time to time, the gambling industry has grown so much that it competes with the market.

According to research, wagering contributes more to the gambling industry at around 53%, casino gaming machines at 25.4%, poker at 14.2%, and lastly, bingo that also represents 7.4% of the online gambling product. With these percentages, you can decipher that players are anticipating upcoming betting activities yearly. But now that the internet and the power of artificial intelligence have evolved, people have come to play more and challenge the odds through online gambling.

As far as online gambling is concerned, there are websites that use tools in order to help users with their gambling journey. And in this article, these will be tackled and which you can rely on.


VIXIO is a regulatory intelligence that covers services for gambling and payment transactions. They are known to have quick assessments and developments that work on businesses exposed to decision-making activities and new milestones. Ever since 2006, VIXIO has been performing to help with gambling and payments compliances. VIXIO is a tool in terms of widely covered gambling statistics globally. That is why on their website, infographics, podcasts, reports, and videos are provided. Plus, they also host webinars for their new and existing clients.

Bayesian Networks

This is a method that works on analyzing variables through a graphical representation. It is more about taking the probabilities of being a subjective or objective factor. BN is a very strong alliance when it comes to making systems, particularly in decision-making and assessing the occurrence of possible risks. Such problems on gambling can be solved easily by applying Bayesian Networks. There are levels involve in BN to see how a match will turn out. Say, for example, in football games, level one will include the capability of a team of getting a goal for a particular round. Then, take note of the match history done by the concerned team as the second level. The two levels will then be used to forecast the outcome of the game.


If you want to see your performance as a gambler, you should be using Bettingmetrics. This is an online betting platform that issues a graphical summary of the number of your bets and the return of every game you play overtime. This application shows data through charts and tables with percentages accordingly. You have your own dashboard and all the information necessary to analyze and track. Bettingmetrics is usually used in sports betting since 2016. The whole app is user-friendly for iGaming. As for the analysis, Bettingmetrics offers the most updated comparison of the odds, bankroll, and other tips bought and sold in the gambling market.

Trademate Sports

When it comes to scientific data analysis and advanced technology development, Trademate Sports is the best pick. Almost all professional gamblers and sports bettors do their performance with the assistance of Trademate Sports. They have 24/7 operations specifically in monitoring the behaviour of the gambling market and industry. Trademate Sports provide up-to-date coverage on different fields of sports across more than 50 countries. These sports include mainly football events and basketball leagues.

Anyone who wants to win a casino game or a sports betting event will always seek advice from experts. That is why there are websites that also accommodate these concerns. In, transparency is put upfront. They curate terms and conditions to bonuses that are offered by casino operators. Of course, you should check their reviews, especially those quotes coming from big brands. They feature two tools that will help you on making decisions and evaluating the risk problems during the whole gameplay. One is spinning the wheel, and the other is a bingo card.

Free Bet Calculator

Free Bet Calculator is widely used not only by the players but also the gambling operators like bookmakers. With this free application online, you can calculate how the odds will be in favour of you. You can choose from different bets and bet options. Under the bet options, you place a bet at a minimum of 0.01 and the number of selections. After that, you can choose the nature of the bet calculator according to wins, losses, placed, void, and NR. For example, you have been playing Treasures of Egypt slots for free before playing the real money. Here you can use Free Bet Calculator to gauge how many spins occur before you get a huge payout. However, this app is mostly used on sports betting. For this matter, you can choose bet options like the following.

  • Round Robin
  • Single
  • Trixie
  • Lucky 15
  • Accumulator
  • Rounder
  • Magnificent 7

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