‘The biggest stove brig?’ Gyeongju City holds an invitational contest for excellent high schools

“I think the scale is the largest in the winter Stoogrig.”

18 high school teams flocked to Gyeongju. It is to participate in the ‘2023 National Excellent High School Invitational Basketball Tournament -Gyeongju Stove League-‘ in Gyeongju City.

Gyeongju had nothing to do with basketball. In the early days of the college basketball league, Dongguk University held home games in Gyeongju. Other than that, it was hard to hear basketball-related news.

Recently, Dongguk University used the Gyeongju Campus as a winter training site. Athletes from Dongguk University’s Gyeongju Campus participated in the second division university competition.

In the midst of this, Gyeongju City held a stove league in which 18 male high school teams participated. 온라인바카라

At 4:30 pm on the 12th, the opening ceremony was held at Dongguk University Gyeongju Campus Gymnasium with all 18 Dongguk University and high school teams in attendance.

This tournament will be held in four places, including Cultural High School, KHNP, Dongguk University Gyeongju Campus, and Gyeongju Civic Gymnasium. After being divided into three groups of six teams, the first place in the group will determine the winner in a final tournament.

Gyeongju Stove League Group
A: Gyeongbok High School, Gyeseong High School, Jeonju High School, Jungang High School, Yangjeong High
School, Sinheung High School Group B: Myongji High School, Jemulpo High School, Inheon High School, Ssangyong High School, Donga High School, Gwangsinbang High School Group
C: Hongdaebu High School, Naksaeng High School, Songdo High School, Hwayang High School, Masan High School, In the mornings and afternoons when Daejeon High School

is not playing, there are practice matches against Dongguk University.

Ho-geun Lee, head coach of Dongguk University, said, “It is quite meaningful that Gyeongju City and the Gyeongju City Basketball Association spend budgets and (games) in several gyms. I think the scale is the largest in the winter Stoogrig,” he said.

This Stove League, which started on the 12th, will be held until the 18th.

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