The director who is in love with Ha-seong Kim praises him highly, saying, “He will become an All-Star in a few years. Everything he does…”

San Diego Padres manager Bob Melvin’s affection for Kim Ha-seong (28)토토사이트 does not stop. This time, he praised the player, calling him “a player on the verge of becoming an All-Star.” 

Ha-seong Kim started as the first hitter and second baseman in the 2023 Major League Baseball away game against the Houston Astros held at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas, USA on the 11th (Korean time) and recorded 1 hit in 4 at-bats. His season batting average was .271 1/3 (131 hits in 484 at-bats). 

He produced a hit in the third inning against Houston right-handed starting pitcher JP France. With the ball count of 2-2, he hit a low outside sweeper on the fifth pitch and sent the ball toward center field. Houston center fielder Chase McCormick attempted a diving catch, but it fell to the ground and ended up in his glove. 

Meanwhile, Ha-seong Kim advanced to second base, but the umpire ruled him out. After manager Melvin requested a video review, it was overturned as a hit, but the double was not recognized and Kim Ha-seong returned to first base. Since the Houston players did not play defense after the referee declared the ball out, it was treated as a single rather than a double. 

Although he lost a double due to an unfortunate decision, Ha-seong Kim recorded 131 hits, the most in a single season, with this hit. He surpassed the 130 hit mark last year. Mathematically, the pace is capable of reaching 148 hits for the remainder of the season. If he picks up the pace a little more, he can be expected to become the second player after Choo Shin-soo to reach the record of 150 hits in a season. 

As of today, Ha-seong Kim has a batting average of .277 1-3, 17 home runs, 57 RBI, 79 runs, 68 walks, 108 strikeouts, 34 stolen bases, .361 slugging percentage, .417 OPS, and .779 OPS in 139 games this season. He is the first Asian player to hit 20 home runs and steal 40 bases, and is ranked 8th overall in the league with a WAR of 5.9 based on Baseball Reference. 

[Photo] ⓒGettyimages (Unauthorized reproduction and redistribution prohibited)[Photo] ⓒGettyimages (Unauthorized reproduction and redistribution prohibited)

‘’ praised after the game that day, ‘Kim Ha-seong, who is in his second full-time season, once again made a brilliant play by blocking Jeremy Peña’s hit.’ Despite Ha-seong Kim’s offensive and defensive performance, San Diego lost 2-12, but Coach Melvin did not forget to praise Ha-seong Kim. 

According to, Manager Melvin said, “Everything Ha-Sung Kim does, from defense to offense and base running, is like the beginning of something really good.” He added, “I think Ha-Sung Kim is a player on the verge of becoming an All-Star. “I expect he will be an All-Star in the next few years.” 

In an interview with Apple TV, which was also broadcasting during the game against Houston on the 9th, Coach Melvin said of Kim Ha-seong, “It’s getting better and better every year. He plays good defense at several positions and has earned the leadoff spot. “He is helping the team in every way,” he praised. As questions about Kim Ha-seong come up every day, Coach Melvin’s praise continues. /[Photo] ⓒGettyimages (Unauthorized reproduction and redistribution prohibited)[Photo] ⓒGettyimages (Unauthorized reproduction and redistribution prohibited)

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