The Dodgers’ offseason ‘F grade’ humiliation… “Now San Diego is the favorite to win”

 Since 2013, the offseason of the Los Angeles Dodgers, which has been in the limelight as the strongest player in the National League West and a team that challenges the World Series every year, is running without power. For some reason, he was not active in strengthening his power, and rather, it is evaluated that his power has weakened as major players inside have transferred.

The departed players each left in search of good conditions, so there is nothing they can do about it. The problem is that the Dodgers did not show such a move at all, although they had to reinforce their strength as much as they left.

Local media interpret that the Dodgers have some confidence in their current power and prospect pool. In addition, they have plans to reset the luxury tax (wealth tax) rate by reducing team salaries and use the money saved this year to recruit special players such as Shohei Ohtani (29‧LA Angels) who will appear in the free agent (FA) market after this season. I’m guessing.

However, Trevor Bauer, who thought he would not be able to play this year due to the disciplinary action against women, was ‘resurrected’ from the disciplinary action, and an additional $22.5 million was created in an instant. If it goes wrong, it can be a painful winter in which the luxury tax rate cannot be reset and power cannot be reinforced. 메이저놀이터

The US media is also negative. On the 13th (Korean time), US CBS Sports gave the Dodgers the lowest score, ‘F’, in an article grading offseason credits for 30 major league clubs. It’s just that he didn’t show much movement in the offseason. He also added an explanation that the power leak was too severe. Rarely has the Dodgers received such an evaluation in the last 10 years.

“The Dodgers will once again be rated as one of the best teams, but their offseason move has nothing to do with that positive outlook,” CBS Sports said. “They brought in franchise legend and future Hall of Fame Clayton Kershaw, but Trey Turner, Justin Turner, Tyler Anderson, Andrew Heaney, Cody Bellinger, Joey Gallo and Craig Kimbrel had to be looked at.’

Then, he predicted that the reinforcement effect would be limited, saying, “Miguel Rojas, who was recruited through a trade with Miami, has good defense, but he is not a good hitter.” While the free agency market is closing, the Dodgers no longer deserve an opportunity to drastically reinforce their power.

On the other hand, San Diego, which is eager to overtake the Dodgers, contrasted by receiving an ‘A’ grade. CBS Sports evaluated that not only the 11-year contract with Xander Bogarts, but also the signing of Matt Carpenter and Nelson Cruz at the same time to fill the first base was a good signing. “Given these offseason moves and the talent already in place, the Padres can claim to be the front-runner in the National League West,” CBS Sports stressed.

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