The effect of recruiting a rightback competitor? Awakened Emerson, great performance against Manchester City

 The new competitor seems to have been a great stimulus for Emerson.

On the 6th, Tottenham beat Manchester City with Harry Kane’s winning goal. It was the 200th goal in his Premier League career and a historic goal that set the record for the club’s most goals ever. Of course, Kane was the main character of this match. However, there was a player who received as much attention as Kane.

That player is Emerson Royal. Tottenham right-back Emerson has been at the center of criticism. In particular, his cross ability, which lost his place to go, made Tottenham fans weak.

Tottenham, who recognized the lightback problem like this, succeeded in reinforcing it by recruiting Pedro Poro through the winter transfer market. A POW capable of threatening Emerson’s place.

Emerson, who seems to have been stimulated by this, played his best performance in air defense against Man City. He kept clean sheets with his steadfast defense and created chances through decent overlapping in attack. 온라인카지노

Also, in the 2nd minute of the second half, Emerson attempted a sharp cross to Kane. Although the finish was uncharacteristic of Kane, Emerson showed a 180 degree change on this day.

Meanwhile, fans who watched the Manchester City match presented Emerson with the nickname ‘Yalves’, comparing him to one of the world’s best right-backs, Dani Alves.

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