‘The essence of baseball’ PIT Bae Ji-hwan, 2 RBIs, 3 points and 1 stolen base, making a big success…contributing to the team’s victory

Bae Ji-hwan (24) of the Pittsburgh Pirates contributed to the team’s victory with his specialty, quick feet.

On the 18th (Korean time), Bae Ji-hwan played as the 8th hitter and center fielder in an away game against the Colorado Rockies in the 2023 Major League Baseball held at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado, USA, and recorded 1 hit, 2 RBIs, 3 runs and 1 base in 4 at-bats. His season batting average rose slightly from 0.217 to 0.220.안전놀이터

On this day, Bae Ji-hwan fully demonstrated his strength, speed. In the top of the second inning with a 2-0 lead, Bae Ji-hwan, who entered his first at-bat with runners on first and third bases unscathed, scored an RBI with an out-of-the-box bunt and succeeded in getting on base by selecting a fielder. Then he stepped on second base when Austin Hedges hit and then stole third base with a double steal. Bae Ji-hwan succeeded in scoring by stepping on the home base when Ki-Brian Hayes hit.

In his second at-bat, he shook the Colorado infield once again with his quick feet. In the top of the 3rd inning, the shortstop hit a ground ball from 1st and 3rd base, but it arrived at 1st base faster than the Colorado infielder’s throw, which was aiming for a double play. Meanwhile, a runner on third base homered and also scored his second RBI. Bae Ji-hwan, who advanced to second base on a grounder by Hedges, scored the second run on Hayes’ hit.

In the top of the 5th inning, Bae Ji-hwan, who entered the third at-bat from 1st base, went on base again due to a throwing error by the opponent’s 3rd baseman. Afterwards, Hedges walked and the bases were loaded, and Hayes’ sacrifice fly widened the score to 10-1 for Pittsburgh. Then, when Brian Reynolds hit from left, Bae Ji-hwan, who was a runner on second base, stepped home at great speed and scored the third run.

In the fourth at-bat, he recorded his first hit of the day. In the top of the sixth inning, he got an infield hit to third base with no runners on second out. In the fifth at-bat in the beginning of the 8th inning, he struck out on a swing and ended the at-bat for the day.

On the other hand, Pittsburgh’s batting line exploded with 16 hits and 14 runs, winning a huge 14-3 victory over Colorado.

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