The hold king’s incisive pride allowed 29 bases to be stolen… Write a new quick motion from the WBC

The only weakness of hold king Jung Woo-young (LG Twins) is quick motion. Jung Woo-young, who threw 58 innings in 67 games last year, allowed 29 stolen bases. He only caught one stolen base. The success rate of stealing against Jung Woo-young of the opposing team was 96.7%.

In 2021 he has allowed 9 of 11 attempts, caught only 2. His stolen base percentage was high at 81.8%. It can be seen that the opposing team persistently dug into the weakness of Jung Woo-young, who throws a fast ball with a big motion even from the set position.

Jung Woo-young, who quickly started to build up for the WBC, has been learning a new quick motion. And he said he would write it straight from the WBC.

Jung Woo-young said, “Many people seem to think that the form is changed a lot,” and “I think you can see it as adding another form rather than changing the form. 스포츠토토

Jung Woo-young revealed that the new quick motion is to use force briefly. He said, “Perhaps it’s almost invisible to fans when they see it,” he said.

So far, it’s definitely working. Jung Woo-young said, “From the start, I measured the time with a stopwatch and checked it while taking a video.” “It seems to be faster than before.”

Jung Woo-young will participate in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) held in March before the regular season. From this time on he plans to throw in a new quick motion. Jung Woo-young said, “I think I can pick up the pace quickly and do it with this form.”

The other country will also do some power analysis, and if there is a runner who is quick when Jung Woo-young throws, he can steal the base. At this time, if Jung Woo-young pitches with an accelerated quick motion, he may bring good results.

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