“The one who ordered the hamburger?” Courier breaks into college basketball game

During an American college basketball game, an uninvited guest broke into the court.

Local media such as ‘ESPN’ introduced what happened during the college basketball game between Loyola University of Chicago and Duquesne University held on the 26th (Korean time). 온라인카지노

The game was stopped with 16 minutes and 30 seconds left in the second half when a man came into the court.

The man, wearing a yellow jacket and holding a paper bag from a fast food restaurant in one hand, anxiously looked for someone and stepped into the coat. A match was going on right next to it. It was a dangerous situation that could collide with the player.

Duquesne University head coach Keith Dambrot said in an interview with reporters after the game, “It’s one of the craziest sights I’ve ever seen

. ” According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the delivery man found the right person who ordered the hamburger and delivered it. The home team, Duquesne University, won the match, 72-58.

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