The power of Shin Jin-seo 9th level, flip at 3%

Reverse from 3% win rate. Shin Jin-seo, 9th dan, who appeared in the Gapjo League in a week, gave strength to his team, Suboer Hangzhou, heading for the final with a double victory.

Shin Jin-seo, 9th dan, was disinherited from Zhejiang’s Xu Ziyang 9th dan after 219 moves in the first leg of the 3rd round (semi-finals) of the 2022 China Gabjo League championship playoff held online on the 14th. In the second half of the bansang, Shin Jin-seo, 9th dan, showed his true value in a fierce battle, such as the destruction of heaven and earth.

If Shin Jin-seo 9th Dan survived the crisis, Xu Jiayang, 9th Dan, who seemed to have prepared a lot, led quite a bit until the middle, but could not withstand Shin Jin-seo 9th Dan’s strong endurance. Xu Ziyang, a long-haired girl, was also pressed for time. 1st place in the regular season, Suboer Hangzhou, drew 2-2 with 8th place Zhejiang.

Shenzhen’s Park Jung-hwan, 9th dan, overturned the win rate, which had fallen below 3%, in the second half, but allowed a reversal. The opponent record that failed to repay the loss in the regular season was 6 wins and 3 losses. Shenzhen, 6th place in the regular season, drew 2-2 with 2nd place Jiangsu. 메이저놀이터

Byeon Sang-il, 9P, who participated in the final round of the playoffs, was defeated by Gu Ling, 7P, while Kang Dong-Yoon, 9P, and Lee Ji-Hyun, 9P, lost to Wang Chunhui, 2P, and Ding Hao, 9P, respectively.

In the first four matches, all eight teams drew 2-2. Therefore, the weight of the captain’s battle in the second game increased even more. The 2nd round match between Korean players held on the 15th was Shin Jin-seo-Xu Ja-yang (9:1), Park Jeong-hwan-Hwang Yun-song (2:0), Byeon Sang-il-Ryu Zhao-je (0:0), Kang Dong-yoon-Cheong Ja-ye (1:0). 0), Jihyeon Lee and Yucheng Jin (0:1, relative record in parentheses). Shin Jin-seo, 9th Dan, goes to the captain’s battle.

Since its inception in 1999, the 24th season, the 2022 China Gabjo League Postseason, is a playoff for 1st to 8th places to win, and a playoff for 9th to 16th places to avoid relegation (two teams) according to regular season results. earn

Two matches are held each round, and the team with the highest combined individual wins advances to the top round or decides to remain in the next Gabjo League. In addition, in the second game, a captain’s match is held, and when the combined multiplier is equal, it is used as a criterion for discrimination.

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