The story that veterans who have gone through ‘sanjeonjeon’ want to ‘must’ tell to newcomers

Every professional baseball player dreams of becoming a star. Also, expect great results and wealth to follow. But not all players get that glory. It’s a cold professional world where very few players grow into stars and reap the benefits.

Samsung Lions veteran players, who have been active for nearly 20 years on the professional stage, which is no different from a bloody battlefield, enjoying both wealth and honor, unpacked the story to share their secrets of success with younger players. The main characters are veteran players such as Oh Seung-hwan (41), who has become synonymous with Korean professional baseball closers, and sidearm Woo Gyu-min (38), who is active in all weathers, starting and ending, and going back and forth to the bullpen.

The two players answered the same question as if they had promised. Juniors say, ‘It’s hard because of Seunghwan hyung. When I said, “It’s hard to keep up because I train too much,” Oh Seung-hwan said, “My juniors have to surpass me. You have to do more than me. Seeing juniors like that makes me more nervous and work harder to not lose,” he encouraged his juniors, saying, “I have to practice a lot on a daily basis to know the way to go and gain confidence.”

Woo Kyu-min, who made his professional debut at LG in 2003 and went through two free agents at Samsung, gave a similar answer to senior Oh Seung-hwan. When asked if there was anything he wanted to say to his juniors, he said, “I usually have a lot to say to my junior pitchers. A pitcher must throw with the lower body, head, and chest,” he replied, emphasizing “constant training.” He trains his lower body through a lot of training, needs to use his brain to win the number fight against hitters, and develops a strong heart to throw confidently.

In particular, the saying that you have to throw with your heart means that you cannot put it into practice unless you have accumulated regular training, and he repeatedly emphasized that ‘confidence comes through training’. The explanation is that if you climb the mound without training, how can you have confidence and develop a strong heart when you have no weapons?

At the same time, the two veterans asked the players to train with ‘venom’. He said in one voice that it is absolutely necessary to have the mindset of training more than others while not getting injured. 스포츠토토

The oldest player in Korean professional baseball and the two veteran pitchers approaching the age of 40 say they are not thinking about retirement yet. He will retire someday, but he expresses his confidence that he can overcome his current physical condition and condition even if he competes with his juniors. These are two players who built up their bodies and trained earlier than others without fail this year. In mid-January, when the team’s spring camp will be held, he first came over to Okinawa, Japan, individually with his juniors, and started preparing for the season. Prior to the start of official training on February 1, he prepared for the season by gradually building up individual self-training.

This is advice that many new and junior players who have chosen and followed as their ‘role model’ should listen carefully. It is a living experience and advice from two veterans who train harder than anyone else, and it is a story that not only Samsung but also new players of the Tiger Team can use as models. 

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