“The worst signing in the history of Al-Nasr”… Ronaldo, in Saudi Arabia, also’Public Sentiment’

Cristiano Ronaldo is being ignored even in Saudi Arabia.

In January, Ronaldo left Manchester United to join Al Nasr in Saudi Arabia. The terms of his contract were unconventional. According to Spanish media ‘Marca’, Al Nasr offered Ronaldo a 30-month playing career and an annual salary of 200 million euros (approximately 296.1 billion won), and he accepted it. It is the highest salary among soccer players in the world.

He has been scoring goals that he missed recently after entering Saudi Arabia. Ronaldo, who made his Saudi league debut on January 23 (Korean time), failed to score an attacking point in his first two matches, but scored four goals in the next match against Al Fateh on February 4, against Al Wehda. Recorded. This season, he has scored 11 goals so far, showing off his continued scoring prowess.

However, he has recently caused controversy with other issues. The first is assault. Casting the ‘headlock’ technique on an opponent. Al-Nasr, second in the Saudi league, faced Al-Hilal on the 19th (Korean time). Al-Hilal finished the first half 1-0 thanks to Odion Ighalo’s penalty.안전놀이터

Then, in the 12th minute of the second half, Ronaldo wrapped his head with both arms in the process of blocking Al-Hilal, taking a headlock-like posture. A warning was given to Ronaldo shortly thereafter. Ronaldo couldn’t get rid of the hard-to-solve minutes. The match ended with Ronaldo’s eccentricity and Al Nasr losing 0-2.

Even after the game, he acted in trouble. Global media ‘Goal.com’ said, “When Al-Hilal home fans chanted the name of Lionel Messi, Ronaldo responded by grabbing his groin area. When Ronaldo behaved indecently, the fans were outraged and insisted that he be expelled from Saudi Arabia.” are doing,” he said.

He recently yelled at the director as well. On the 25th, in the semi-final of the Saudi King’s Cup against Al Wehda, Ronaldo took his anger out on his coach on his way to the locker room after losing 0-1. Fans are pouring criticism on Ronaldo because of his recent eccentricities. Italian media ‘Area Napoli’ said, “Al-Nasr couldn’t turn the game around despite Ronaldo’s sluggishness. Some Al-Nasr fans even described him as ‘the worst signing in history’.” Ronaldo’s later years in Saudi Arabia were marked by gossip.

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