“There is no replacement” Restart after 13 days, 9th day of fate Doosan match with hairy ace from strikeout king

 The Lotte Giants are on a winning streak, competing for the lead with 9 consecutive wins in 13 years. What led to the uptrend was the bullpen, who took on the dirty work, and the fielders, who played an active role in both offense and defense.

On the other hand, there is not much stake in the starters when it comes to winning streak and leaping to the top spot.

As of the 8th, the Lotte starters are recording 6 wins and 7 losses and an average ERA of 5.27 in 24 games. The lowest among the 10 team starters.

This is because of the sluggish performance of Stray Barnes Park Se-woong, who was considered the first, second, and third starter before the season.

Surprisingly, only one win by Barnes is the starting win they have combined. Strayley and Park Se-woong have not yet reported a victory in 5 games. At least Barnes and Park Se-woong are getting better little by little despite the hardships, so they can endure it.

But Strayley is rather serious. The innings are gradually decreasing. In the last 2 games, he only digested 3 innings in a row.

The problem is the poor pitch.

In 2020, his debut year in the KBO, Strayley was a pitcher who struck out a lot with his fastball and his main weapon slider.

With 205 strikeouts, he became the strikeout king that year. He has an average speed of 145 km, but it is not a light speed ball, but combined with a sharp slider, he led batters to miss swings. In 2021 he covered 146 km.

However, last year when he returned to Korea, his average fastball speed slightly decreased to 144 km.

He’s even smaller this year. Average speed 142 km. 1 km slower than the league average. As his dependence on breaking balls such as sliders and curve changeups increases, his power is halved.

However, Lotte coach Larry Sutton firmly believes in the rebound of the hairy ace.

Regarding Strayley, who has not started since the 26th of last month, ahead of the Sajik Samsung game on the 7th, which was canceled in rain, Sutton said, “I will start on Tuesday (Sajik against Doosan),” and “I showed a good appearance in bullpen pitching yesterday. Rest seems to have a positive effect,” he said, expecting a rebound.안전놀이터

Regarding the sluggish performance in April, coach Sutton said, “He is a slow starter. You cannot ignore his age of 34 (born in 1988). He is in good condition, but his body mobility has not improved as much as he would like. We are looking for supplementary points and working on that part. I’m doing it. It’s getting better little by little,” he found hope.

When asked if he would look for an alternative outsider if the sluggish performance continues, Sutton resolutely shouted “No”.

The Command Tower’s firm belief in Ace’s return. Now it’s the hairy ace’s turn to prove it. The contents and results of the first appearance in May, which will be held on the 9th, have become very important.

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