Throwing in the extreme… The reason why there is no speed gun in Lotte’s bullpen

 Although velocity is not everything for a pitcher, velocity has always been a measure of pitchers’ physical condition and a value that represents value. In the spring camp, restraint is a means to check how well the body has been built and what the current condition pace is. This is also the reason why many clubs measure the velocity of foreign pitchers and promising rookies. Fans’ expectations rise with most of the speed exceeding 150 km.

However, there is no speed gun at Lotte’s Guam spring camp bullpen pitching site. There are no modern measuring devices such as Labsodo and Portable Trackman. It is not that the current velocity is not important, but that it is not the physical condition of the players that can actually measure the velocity.

Lotte is currently conducting intensive physical training with training coach Kim Hyun-wook, the ‘Viper’. With running as the basis, we are exhausting the players with conditioning training. Pitchers and fielders are all sticking out their tongues.

After conducting weight training in the most powerful situation in the morning, he digests programs such as running and defense training, and only conducts bullpen pitching in the afternoon. Of course, his body is in a state of losing a lot of strength, and he is pitching in the bullpen in this state.

Coach Bae Young-soo and coach Kim Hyeon-wook are both the intended current state. Coach Bae Young-soo said, “Of course there will be no strength. Constraint measurements cannot be made. While having them throw the ball at the moment when they are most tired, they practice the process of balancing, relaxing and throwing when it is most difficult. It seems to be going well as intended,” he said. “If you pitch in the most difficult situation, you can get better. However, it takes about 200 to get the ball tossed and exhausted. Doesn’t that put a strain on your body? That’s why I make it hard on my body with conditioning and then throw the ball.”

Pitchers also believe in the new method and follow it. Choi Jun-yong said, “All I can say is that it is difficult. The body is too heavy. I pitch when it’s the hardest, but I think I have to know how to throw the ball like that, and pitchers aren’t always in good condition, so I think I’m preparing for that situation. He said, “It is a different experience and training that I have never done before. However, I think I could gain something from training, and I gained the feeling of throwing with less strength. Now is not the time to worry about redemption. I think it’s a process to deliver the performance we prepared for in our physical condition.” 스포츠토토

Lotte decided that it was important to develop physical strength through strong training now in order to perform steadily throughout the year. It is judged that he lacked stamina for his pace to drop off in the summer after he was on the rise with a good pace in the early and middle of the season.

Coach Kim Hyun-wook said, “My creed is that you cannot save money on physical training. Just because you’ve done physical training now doesn’t mean you’ll be going through the season,” he said. Restoration of breathing is fundamental. When breathing improves, oxygen supply speeds up, so recovery speeds up,” he said. At the beginning of the camp, I am making a habit while training like running out of breath with interval running. If you don’t do this, you won’t get used to it.”

Cha Woo-chan, who has been training like this for nearly 20 years, with coach Kim Hyun-wook from Samsung, LG and Lotte, said, “The big picture hasn’t changed. I’ve done it for 20 years, so I’m fine,” he said with a smile, “but if you keep doing it, you’ll feel better, and then I think I’ll work harder.”

Lotte is going through a moment of upheaval. Since we declared ‘Win Now’, we are mobilizing all possible methods. It remains to be seen what the results of Lotte’s changes will lead to.

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