Tongyeong City opens the 59th Spring Collegiate Football Federation… 85 teams participated

 Reporter Shin Jeong-cheol = The 59th Spring University Football Federation Opened in Tongyeong, Gyeongsangnam-do, with 85 universities participating in the national college football team.

According to Tongyeong City and the Tongyeong City Football Association (Chairman Lee Jee) on the 11th, the 59th Spring University Football Federation was opened at Sanyang Sports Park and Pyeonglim Soccer Field in Tongyeong City on the 10th, and the long journey began with two leagues until the 26th.

This Spring College Football Federation Tournament has been held in Tongyeong for 10 consecutive years to revitalize the local economy during the winter off-season.

The league is operated in two leagues, including 42 teams of ‘Hansan Great Battle’ and 43 teams of ‘Tongyeonggi’. It will be held at the natural stadium of Sanyang Sports Park in Xie. 스포츠토토

In addition, the finals will be broadcast live on SPOTV, and all matches will also be streamed live on YouTube.

So far, the finals have been held at the public playground in Bukshin-dong, Tongyeong, but the finals of this tournament will be held at Sanyang Sports Park due to public playground renovation and repair work in preparation for the 62nd Gyeongnam Provincial Sports Festival.

In particular, at the 1st and 2nd grade college soccer tournament held in January, both officials and journalists praised Tongyeong as “the only place where you can see green natural grass in winter.”

Tongyeong City expects that the satisfaction level of the participating teams and officials will be very high in this final.

Tongyeong Mayor Chun Yeong-ki said, “As 85 teams, the largest in history, participate in the tournament, a ripple effect on the local economy of more than 5 billion won is expected.” said.

In addition, he requested “a lot of interest and participation from citizens, considering that it greatly contributes to the recovery of the stagnant local economy during the off-season.

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