Tottenham legend appointed as team coach of ‘relegation crisis’… Return to leadership after 3 years

Ireland and Tottenham Hotspur legend Robbie Keane (43) returned to leadership.

According to Britain’s ‘The Sun’ on the 3rd (local time), Keane will join Leeds United as a coach and assist manager Sam Allardyce. After serving as head coach of the Irish national team and Middlesbrough in 2020, he will return to leadership after three years.

Currently, Leeds are 17th in the English Premier League (EPL) and have barely escaped the relegation zone. However, they are tied with 18th placed Nottingham Forest, a relegation zone team, on 30 points. Poor results in the remaining four games could drop straight into the relegation zone. 

In crisis, Leeds dismissed manager Harvey Gracia and appointed a new manager, Allardyce, who is famous for being a ‘remaining expert’. Coach Allardyce’s tenure has four games remaining. Keen joined in as well. He spent two seasons at Leeds during his active career, 2000-2002, and then moved to Tottenham, where he built his current reputation.카지노사이트

Coach Allardyce will make his Leeds debut against Manchester City on the 6th. Kindor will play his first game as Leeds coach. 

‘The Sun’ said, “Kean’s basic salary is 500,000 pounds (about 840 million won), and if Liz stays, he will receive a bonus of 2.5 million pounds (about 4.2 billion won).”

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