“Until lies, Bauer on the verge of exiting ML… Possible contracts with Korean and Japanese teams” US media

Trevor Bauer (32), a ‘geek pitcher’ who is on the verge of being kicked out of the major leagues, will continue his career in Japan or Korea. 

On the 7th (hereafter Korean time), Bauer was placed on standby for release after receiving a transfer nomination (DFA) from the Los Angeles Dodgers. If there is no team he wants during the waiver period, the Dodgers will pay the remaining $22.5 million in annual salary, and he will be released as a free agent. It is possible to recruit for a minimum annual salary of $720,000, but the prevailing prospect is that it will be difficult for Bauer, who has been controversial over teamwork and personal life issues throughout his career, to find a job again in the major leagues. 

Bauer was sued for sexual assault in June 2021, and was placed on administrative leave and out of power. Although the prosecution did not prosecute due to insufficient evidence, the Major League Secretariat issued a suspension of 324 games in April of last year. Bauer’s comeback was put on hold when two women who claimed to have been subjected to similar sexual assault came out. 

In August 2015, Major League Baseball signed the Agreement to Prevent Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence, and Child Abuse through a labor-management agreement. Violence is stricter than in the past, but Bauer suffered the maximum punishment after this regulation was enacted. Bauer appealed, and the penalty was eased to 194 games last month through an independent arbitrator.  메이저놀이터

As the disciplinary action is deducted from the paid disciplinary period in 2021, Bauer’s salary for 50 games is reduced, but he can start before the start of the new season. However, the Dodgers decided to release Bauer, and other teams are unlikely to reach out willingly. This is because his usual behavior was bad, and he consistently lied without reflection or apology after the incident. 

The US’Washington Post’ also said on the 7th, ‘It is doubtful whether there will be a team that will give Bauer, one of the most polarized figures in the league, a chance. Bauer is also free to promote contracts abroad, such as in Japan and Korea,’ said the possibility of going to the Asian League. Pitcher Roberto Osuna (Softbank), who set the record for the youngest career 100 saves (23 years, 2 months, 3 days) in the major leagues, also had a career twist after being suspended for 75 games for assaulting his girlfriend in 2018. continuing his career in 

The Washington Post said, ‘Bauer fought over discipline unlike other players in the violence policy enacted in 2015. He was the first player to appeal the suspension,’ he noted. Previously, the players who received the same discipline acknowledged the charges and apologized, but Bauer’s actions were completely different. He sued the woman for defamation, claiming damage and applying for a restraining order. This violated Major League Anti-Violence Rules, which forbid intimidation of victims and presumed witnesses, and disturbed the secretariat. 

Furthermore, the Washington Post also revealed that Bauer, who had not admitted to the sexual assault allegation, spoke to a woman in a phone call recording, saying, “I don’t think he hit me hard,” as if he had admitted to the assault. When the woman asked, “How many times do you think you hit me on the head?” Bauer replied, “I don’t know. It wasn’t that much,” he replied. 

Bauer, who consistently lies and does not reflect, is said to be ‘incorrigible’. I wonder which team will be able to take him despite the criticism. With this kind of attitude, Japanese and Korean teams are bound to be reluctant. Japan has an unlimited number of foreign players, but Korea has all 29 foreign players except for one seat in the NC Dinos, so the possibility of recruiting Bauer is remarkably low.

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