When will Sancho return? Ten Hagh “I don’t know, it still hurts”

“I want to get Jadon Sancho back as soon as possible.”

It will take more time to return to practice. Sancho is still sick.

Manchester United manager Eric ten Haag said at a press conference held on the 6th (Korean time), “Sancho is not healthy at the moment. He is physically ill, but it is also related to mental problems. He is making progress in his recovery. However, Sancho is still I can’t say when will be back,” he said.

Sancho is a winger brought in by Manchester United for 85 million euros (about 114 billion won) in the summer of 2021. He saw it as a key attacking resource to lead Manchester United’s future together with Bruno Fernandes.

But so far it’s below expectations. He did not show any significant performance, being pushed back even in the main competition. 메이저놀이터

After transferring to Manchester United, the attack points he posted were 8 goals and 4 assists. He has only scored 3 goals in 14 appearances this season.

No appearances after October. The exact site of his injury or condition is unknown. As coach Ten Hagh said, it was only revealed that he was suffering from physical and mental difficulties. He is only digesting his individual training while being excluded from team training as well.

Manchester United are currently in 4th place in the Premier League with 6 wins in a row. In the two matches that took place after the season resumed, they added stability with 4 goals and no goals.

When Sancho, the sore finger, returns to health, it is close to being a perfect group. Coach Ten Hag emphasized that he would not rush Sancho’s return. “When Sancho comes, we have more options to add in attack. It means we have a better chance of winning more games,” he said. “I hope he joins as soon as possible.”

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