Wife’s Devotion and Love

 My youngest son got married on October 15 last year. The youngest son has already lived in the United States for 23 years. On this Lunar New Year holiday, my beloved eldest son, daughter-in-law, and grandson, whom grandfather and grandmother love the most in the world, came to visit.

I spent the holiday with my family, but I was a bit disappointed that my youngest son and youngest daughter-in-law were not far away, but I had a fun and good time with my grandson for 2 nights and 3 days, promising to meet again. It has been 53 years since I played baseball. I am grateful that I am still walking the path of baseball that I love and love while running on one road all my life.

He has been playing baseball for 53 years, including amateur baseball, professional baseball, and leadership. While leaving the field, he took the lead in distributing baseball to Laos and Vietnam, even spending his own money in a situation without a fixed income, but as the head of a family, husband, and father, he felt sorry for his family. Her wife, who knows my situation first than anyone else, conveyed her courage and hope to me, encouraging me to “play the baseball you love and love for the rest of your life.”

I, who only know baseball for the rest of my life, still don’t think about my wife’s heart or family, and I’m only distributing baseball to young players in Laos, Vietnam, and the whole country. After marrying her wife, I wondered if she would spend all the money she had earned while thinking only of me, so I once asked her, “What do we eat now?”

My wife said, “How much love you have received from people around you while playing baseball for over 50 years. I’ll talk about it when I can’t lift a spoon, so don’t be anxious about what you want to do until then, relax your mind,” she said.

She is honestly grateful and at the same time feels sorry. It’s been 10 years since I donated my talents this year, but I haven’t heard from my wife that it’s difficult yet, so it seems that there is no problem with making a living. It is all thanks to my wife that I can spread baseball while traveling in Korea and abroad with ease. These things were only possible because of her wife’s dedication and sacrifice.

I’ve been running this far for the past 10 years pouring water into a bottomless dock. the same as the expression However, the water that has been poured over the past countless years has finally sprouted. He created a baseball association in Laos, formed a national team, and participated in the Asian Games. And the baseball field that everyone has longed for was successfully completed in 2020, and the first international competition will be held in Laos from February 24 to 26, 2023. In addition, the baseball association, which could not even imagine Vietnam baseball, and the national team players will participate in the upcoming Laos international competition.

If you pour water on dry land, the water evaporates quickly. Southeast Asian baseball propagation was like that. But the seeds were constantly planted and watered. It is also like hitting a rock with an egg. Never gave up and kept running. Even in the arid lands of Laos and Vietnam, they eventually embraced fine water and life sprouted. Although invisible to the naked eye, very small scratches began to be made on the rock. Until the end of my life, I want to continue to play the role of priming water on that barren land and bear fruit without fail. And sowing the seeds in the ground will surely bear fruit. 스포츠토토

He has been married to his wife for over 40 years. I got married to my beloved wife after 5 years of dating, but I am a person who lacks and lacks as a husband and father as I have been running on the same road called baseball all my life.

After getting married, it was not enough to go outside for more than 40 years so far, so I left my family for several months in order to spread baseball to Laos and Vietnam, which are unfamiliar and do not go well. Her wife is living her life by taking care of her loving family, her daughter-in-law, and her cute grandson, while wrapping up and encouraging me to do all of that. I have to leave the field and now live a long and healthy life with my family, but I am still living within the fence of baseball.

Although she is in her late 60s, it is possible because of her wife’s dedication and love that she can still spread baseball with as much passion as she did during her active career. Now I’m getting weaker and my strength isn’t what it used to be. Still, I am happy to be living the life of baseball that I love and love.

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