Will Lee’s golden right foot shine again? “It’s an honor to be compared to Lee Kang-in”

South Korea’s Under-20 World Cup squad faces Italy tomorrow for a spot in the final, and at the center of it all is the golden right foot of Lee Seung-won.

We’re looking forward to seeing if Lee’s ‘golden left foot’ instincts will kick in like they did four years ago.

Lee Seung-won, captain of the Kim Eun-jung Ho, made his presence felt from the first group game against France.

[KBS commentary: “(Lee Seung-won) chose his right foot and stuck it in. Goal!! It went in~”]

In the next five games through the round of 16 and quarterfinals, he scored one goal and four assists, with all four coming from set-piece situations.

[KBS commentary: “Lee Seung-won is the wizard of corner kicks and set pieces, and his right foot kick is really sharp!”]

Especially in the quarterfinals against Nigeria, where Lee’s right-footed extra-time winner was reminiscent of his left-footed goal that helped set up the dramatic equalizer in the quarterfinals of the last tournament.

He’s been compared to Lee Kang-in, the runner-up four years ago, in that he’s the team’s most prolific attacking player and a fixer who led them to the quarterfinals.

[Lee Seung-won, U-20 national football team: “I think it’s a great honor to be called that (compared to Lee Kang-in), but I think I tend to help the team a lot…”]

Semi-final opponents Italy are a fearsome team with an organized attack led by top scorer Cassaday.

We’ll have to rely on Lee Seung-won’s golden right foot as we look to counter-attack via set pieces with a counter-attacking strategy.안전놀이터

If the national team makes it past Italy and writes another final myth, Lee Seung-won could win the Golden Ball, which was won by tournament MVP Lee Kang-in four years ago.

I’m Heo Sol-ji from KBS News.

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