“With the heart of a rookie” Hwang Eui-jo sharpened his knife to return to Europe

“I will play the game with the mindset of a rookie.”

Hwang Ui-jo, who is aiming for a comeback with a short-term loan from FC Seoul, expressed his determination ahead of the new season.

On the 6th, Hwang Eui-jo had his first interview with Seoul at Incheon International Airport Terminal 2. Seoul signed Hwang Ui-jo on a short-term loan for six months ahead of this season. Hwang Eui-jo joined Seoul on the 5th and departed for Japan with the team on the same day for field training in Kagoshima.

Hwang Eui-jo said, “I am with a prestigious team called Seoul. I will do my best for the team and the fans.”

Hwang Ui-jo moved to Nottingham Forest ahead of the 2022-2023 season and was re-loaned to Olympiacos, but he could not perform well and had to find a new team. In the World Cup, after missing a golden chance against Uruguay, he was pushed out of the starting lineup. Now, he is aiming for a comeback in Seoul. His final goal is, of course, a return to Europe.

Hwang Eui-jo said, “I thought a lot about the future. There were many proposals besides the United States, but I thought that my coming to Seoul would be an opportunity to show a good appearance in Europe. I think it will be helpful to the team and to the individual.” revealed the reason for coming.

Below is the full text of the interview with Hwang Eui -jo

– impressions of joining

Seoul. I will do my best for the team and the fans.

– There were other options such as the US, but why did you decide on Seoul?

I thought a lot about the future. There were several proposals besides the US, but I thought that coming to Seoul would be an opportunity to show a good side of myself in Europe. I think it will help both the team and the individual.

-Have you talked to Hwang In-beom, who you played with at Olympiacos? 

We talked about it after we decided to leave the team. He talked about the advantages of Seoul. I know the K-League through experience, but I’m new to Seoul. Playing in Sangam with a team called Seoul, many fans said they were motivated. I want to go and help the team as much as I can.

-Director Ahn Ik-soo is a gift. In the video released yesterday, they greeted me fiercely while hitting me.

It reminded me of my rookie days. The director is a very scary person. In reality, he is warm and gives a lot of good words. He is learning because he has a lot to learn as a human being as a footballer. He will play for six months with the mindset that he is a rookie.

-Seoul lacked goals last year. Can we expect many goals?

I think I should go to Japan and improve my performance as much as possible. Personally, I want to score a lot of goals and help Seoul rise to the right position.

-What kind of messages did Nottingham, your original team, exchange? 

Nottingham granted a six-month loan. I came to Seoul as a condition of returning to the team. I guess we’ll find out only after the situation is over. 

-Six months is a very important period.

It was a very important and difficult decision for me personally. I also worried a lot. I want to improve my performance for 6 months and look good. 온라인바카라

-Last summer, as the transfer took a long time, I couldn’t properly prepare for the season.

Since we trained together as a team, there is no problem with our physical condition. I will keep pace with the Seoul team players and find out the direction the team wants.

– It’s been a while since I played in the K-League. 

It’s been 6 years. I think a lot has changed from before. All teams have good players and good tactics. 

– What goals are you satisfied with?

I didn’t set a goal, I thought melting was the first thing. As you run, you need to improve your performance. I am also a striker, so I want to score as many goals as possible.

-Have you contacted your teammates in Seoul? 

Sang-ho exchanged contact after the transfer was decided. (Ki) Seong-yong had a phone call before that. He shared his brother’s experiences and what he felt as a footballer. As a respected senior, he helped me by sharing stories like this and that. He said he would like to come when he gets a chance. It was helpful that he shared his experience rather than necessarily coming.

– A lot of fans came. I would be excited and grateful.

Thank you so much for the many fans who came to see us in the morning. I hope more people come to the stadium to support us. I want to let you know that Seoul is a team that can play good soccer.

-Is there a team you want to score the No. 1 goal in?

There is no specific team. I want to score goals as quickly as possible.

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