Women’s first ‘Tommy John surgery’ Kim Ra-kyung ‘For Women’s Baseball’

A pitcher has become the first Korean female baseball player to undergo elbow ligament joint surgery, also known as Tommy John.

Reporter Kim Do-hwan met Kim Ra-gyeong, who founded a women’s team and dreams of advancing to Japan.


This is a scene where Ichiro, a member of the Kobe team for professional baseball, made a missed swing against a Japanese high school student two months ago.

Her level of women’s baseball is high enough that Japanese baseball hero Ichiro would step down after a serious fight with a double stroke.

Kim Ra-kyung underwent elbow surgery, dreaming of a world-class stage in Japan.

[Soundbite] Kim Ra-gyeong(Female Baseball Representative) : “I cut it here, I cut it here, I pulled it out and put it in this way. It hurts because I

was dreaming …”

[Kim Ra-gyeong: “The ligaments are new. Her left hand has improved with chopsticks. Should I say her right brain has developed…”] Kim Ra- 메이저놀이터

gyeong, who became the youngest female representative at the age of 14, entered Seoul National University two years ago She became the first female collegiate player.

She founded the women’s baseball team, JDB, which stands for Just Do It, and is concentrating on rehabilitation for her trip to Japan after her first Tommy John surgery.

[“My goal is to speak three languages.”]

[“I have new ligaments and a new mindset, so please keep an eye on me and I will become Kim Ra-kyung, who will do my best. Thank you.”]

Kim Ra-gyeong, who recently gave a lecture on baseball in Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do and cheered on the dreams of youth, is now planning to knock on the Japanese stage with the determination to pave the road even if it is unpaved.

This is Kim Do-hwan from KBS News.

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