Woori Card coach Kim Jae-heon, who defeated the 1st and 2nd place teams, “thanks to coach Shin Young-cheol”

 Reporter Kim Gyeong-yoon = Woori Card head coach Kim Jae-hun, who defeated 1st place Korean Air and 2nd place Hyundai Capital amid bad news, said, “After the first set, we tried to raise the team atmosphere that collapsed, and the concentration of the players improved. I survived and won,” he said.

After winning the set score 3-1 in the professional volleyball men’s men’s Hyundai Capital match held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 19th, Coach Kim said, “I am grateful to coach Shin Young-chul and the players who played in a good atmosphere despite the departure of the main players.”

On this day, Woori Card played the game in a gloomy situation as four players, including coach Shin Young-cheol, Lee Sang-hyun, Han Tae-jun, Kim Ji-han, and Kim Dong-min, were confirmed for a novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19).

Our card was in an atmosphere of complete defeat, giving the first set 14-25.

However, Woori Card showed a different look from the 2nd set, and won by taking the 3rd set.

Coach Kim Jae-heon said, “After the first set, I pushed the players.”

Now coach Kim Jae-heon hands over the baton to the returning head coach Shin Young-chul and supports the team from behind. 카지노

Coach Kim said, “I think I’ve done my part,” and said, “I had an experience that I hadn’t felt as a coach.”

Coach Kim Jae-heon perfectly filled the vacancy of coach Shin Young-chul. On the 14th, when Coach Kim took on the role of acting manager for the first time in place of Shin, he led the team to a set score 3-2 in the 1st place Korean Air match, and on that day even caught 2nd place Hyundai Capital.

In response to the joking question, “I think I look better without coach Shin Young-cheol,” coach Kim said, “The reason why we won the two games was because the strategy the coach planned worked well.” “Before the coach was confirmed, the two teams We have prepared a customized operation against them.”

On the other hand, Choi Tae-woong, coach of Hyundai Capital, who showed up and kept his father-in-law at Yeouido Stadium that day, said, “It was my mistake for not continuing the atmosphere of the first set,” and said, “I’m sorry to the players.”

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