‘World Cup Cheese King’ referee before the final whistle, players respect Guard of Honor

He was famous for his warning bomb at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, but Laos referee Matteu, who represented the Spanish Primera Liga, folds his whistle at the end of this season.

Global sports media ‘ESPN’ reported on the 14th (Korean time) a touching scene after the La Liga match between Osasuna and Almeira.

Osasuna players lined up on both sides of the ground after the game, applauded the Laos referee and gave them a guard of honor. The Laos referee was also moved by this and smiled, hugging the Osasuna players.안전놀이터

The Laos referee received a lot of attention during the quarterfinal match against Argentina and the Netherlands at the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar. He took out 18 warning cards, including players from both teams, in the match.

The Laotian referee received a lot of criticism from the all-time warning bomb, and was also stigmatized as the king of cheese. Even Lionel Messi added to the criticism, saying, “The referee was subpar.”

Nonetheless, the Lao referee blew the whistle for a long time in La Liga and was responsible for many matches. The players did not lose their respect for the Laotian referee, who made a fair judgment for a long time, unlike the past stains. He won’t whistle in La Liga until the end of the season.

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