[You’re Not Alone] Wilson X Weekly Afforestation: (71) Gimpo Kujunghoe Basketball Class Ham Jian and Ham Jiyoon

“It’s definitely different from other basketball classes. I want to continue to learn basketball without getting injured.”

Assist, which has been running the Assist For Youth project since 2022 to develop youth basketball in Korea, has also been working with global sports brand Wilson.

Together with Wilson, Assist selects one youth from each basketball class to join Assist For Youth every week. 바카라 The project has been running for more than a year, providing a valuable opportunity for aspiring basketball players to be recognized by the brand.

The 71st recipients of the Wilson X Weekly Affore You program are Ham Jian and Ham Jiyoon, siblings from Gimpo Kujunghoe Basketball Class.

The siblings, who have been playing basketball since childhood under the influence of their father, who is also a basketball enthusiast, started learning basketball in earnest at the Gimpo Kujunghoe Basketball Classroom over five months ago.

Ham Jian, the older brother, who is currently enrolled in the first grade at Unyang Middle School, said, “My dad loves basketball. I’ve been following him to the basketball court since I was a kid and became interested in basketball,” he said, adding, “I’ve also learned basketball in other basketball classes. Recently, I moved to Gimpo Kujunghoe Basketball Class to learn basketball, and it definitely has many advantages that are different from other places,” he said.

“The facilities and teachers are much better. The training method is also different from other places. I know that the director, Mr. Koo Jeong-ho, is a former national team player, so I think that’s why I’m learning basketball here and making progress a little faster.”

Ham Jian added, “The teachers are not overbearing, and they customize the training to the children, so I think my basketball skills are improving quickly. I feel the same way and my brother feels the same way,” he said, adding that he is enjoying learning basketball at the Gimpo Basketball Center.

Hamjian says that he hears a lot of talk about the importance of ‘basics’ and ‘manners’ in his basketball classes. “I’m very interested in basketball, so I’m trying to keep the basics of basketball in mind. “It’s good to be good at basketball, but I also try to be a good soldier,” he said, adding that he also values the on- and off-court manners he learns at Gimpo Kujunghoe Basketball Class.

Ham Jian likes Jimmy Butler of the Miami Heat and Kim Sun-hyung of SK. In addition to his personal skills, Hamjian said he wants to emulate their professionalism, and he hopes to work harder in training to become a player who can focus people’s attention on the court like them.

“It’s really fun to be able to go to basketball classes with my brother and play basketball together. We share things like technique, but we also have fun talking about basketball, which helps each other a lot. My brother is also very fond of basketball, so I would like to continue to learn basketball with him,” he said, adding that he would like to continue to have fun learning basketball with his brother.

Ham Ji-yoon, who is currently in the fifth grade at Geumbit Elementary School in Gimpo, said she started playing basketball with her brother about two years ago.

“After learning basketball in other basketball classes, my brother and I have been learning basketball at Gimpo Kujunghoe Basketball Class for a while now. It’s definitely different from other places, so I’m enjoying learning basketball here. It’s a lot of fun to play with friends and learn the details of basketball,” she said, adding that she has been enjoying the sport more recently.

“In other basketball classes, there are many male teachers, but in Gimpo Koo Jeong Hoe Basketball Class, the teacher is a woman, so I feel like I can learn a little more kindly and according to the characteristics of female players,” she said. “She emphasizes sportsmanship a lot. She always tells us to have good manners and follow the rules, which my brother and I are trying to do better. The more I learn about basketball, the more I realize why he tells me this,” he said, adding that he tries not to lose sight of what he has learned.

Ham Jiyoon, who recently competed in a tournament in Incheon and had a great experience, said, “Playing against other teams and other players made me realize that I need to practice harder in the future. Like my brother, I also love basketball very much, so I have the desire to do well on the court. In the future, I want to become a player who will continue to grow by learning the things that Mr. Koo and my teachers teach me.” She concluded the interview.

  • Assist For Youth is a project in which Assist will join forces with youth basketball classes across the country to promote youth basketball in 2022. For more information about the project, please visit the official Instagram account (@assist_for_youth).

Photo = Courtesy of Gimpo Kujunghoe Basketball Class

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